• Drinks, Salads, and Sandwiches in Seoul

    Cafe Mamas – City Hall (카페마마스)
    Cafe Mamas Seoul
    Is it just me, or is it hard to find a decent cafe in Seoul that serves both delicious drinks and food? Most cafes either have really good coffee or some other kind of beverage and mediocre food. Or the food is really tasty and the drinks not so much. Cafe Mamas in Seoul actually serves decent food and drink. Located in various neighborhoods around the city, Mamas is a hotspot for locals to grab brunch or sandwiches in Seoul.
  • The Best American Food in Seoul!

    Napkin Please (냅킨 플리즈)

    philly cheesesteak seoul

    If I were to open up my own restaurant in Seoul, I know that whatever type of food I decide to serve, I would want it to be as authentic as possible. The ambiance would be subtle, yet fancy and well thought out – attractive in design and functionality. The layout, and location would also be important. But most importantly, the food must be terrific. Napkin Please is a newly opened American restaurants in Seoul that has all of the right elements and components for a superlative dining experience, and has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat. Read more

  • Craft Beer and Pizza in Seoul

    Bonny’s Pizza Pub

    bonnys pizza

    I grew up thinking that pizza only came in the form of Domino’s or Pizza Hut delivery, and it wasn’t until I discovered Shakey’s Pizza (Mojo potatoes anyone???) when I was a young child that I realized that it came in many different shapes and forms. I’ve learned to love pizza and the different types and styles that people make of it. Bonny’s Pizza Pub in Haebangchon is a relatively new pizza joint that also has self-serve craft bottles of beer. I’ve visited a couple of times, and both times was left satisfied. Although it’s not italian style, or New York Style pizza in Seoul, it’s a good pizza that has become a favorite places to eat in Itaewon. Read more

  • Boiling Crab in Seoul

    Blue Crab

    cajun seafood seoul

    I still remember the first time I went to eat cajun style seafood in Southern California, it was at Boiling Crab in Garden Grove, the Euclid location. Having your fingers smell of garlic, seafood, and spices after you’ve licked them clean is quite a wonderful feeling. The closest place to boiling crab in Seoul that I’ve been able to find is Blue Crab in Itaewon, a good places to eat in Korea. Read more

  • In N Out in Seoul (Redux)

    in n out seoul

    In-N-Out is promoting their brand once again in Seoul. This pop up location will be happening today from 11am – 3pm at Touch & Spice in Garosu-gil. In-N-Out in Seoul will be packed!!! If you’re thinking about trying to get your fill, you’re probably already too late. Last year they sold out in ~15mins. Limited quantities, so if you’re looking for that Double-Double Animal Style Burger in Seoul, good luck.

    In-N-Out does these pop-ups to promote their brand. It is very very very unlikely that they will be opening up outside of the Western/Southern coast of the United States. Although many people complain about these promotions being a tease, I personally like them, and think it’s a great opportunity for people who may never have a chance to get them in the States to experience their delicious burgers in Seoul.

    If you’re able to pick up a burger, do share on Twitter, FB, or Instagram @seoulgrub!

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