Apgujeong Korean BBQ

Sanbong Hwarogui (산봉 화로구이)

sliced korean beef

There are some odd food pairings that go really well together. I’m not sure if that means those pairings are odd or not, but there some days where you want to eat some delicious Korean BBQ and naengmyun (or cold noodles) and there is nothing else that can quite hit the spot until you get what you want. Our dining experience at this particular Korean BBQ restaurant in Apgujeong did an excellent job in fulfilling that craving, even thought at the time I wasn’t craving it!

korean beef ribs

korean restaurant

We had an intimate celebration for my cousin’s birthday and came out really happy. The restaurant is relatively large and can accommodate larger parties if needed. The menu does carry a wide variety of bbq’s and cuisines, but also highlights some of their more popular choices – marked with a checked “best” mark (say that 5x fast!). We ordered both the sliced beef with sauce and ribs of beef with sauce. I would have to say that I really enjoyed the sliced beef more than the ribs of beef – only my personal preference – although the beef ribs were very excellent as well.

restaurant in apgujeong

Of course they have ventilation system that will clear most of the smoke from invading your clothes. We also ordered some naengmyun to accompany the delicious marinated cuts which was also very tasteful. The marinated especially stood out because it was quite unique from many of the Korean BBQ places I’ve been too; very subtle, yet transforming to provide a very balanced flavor. I am actually curious to try some of their non-“best” dishes to see what they’re like. The staff was relatively friendly – although pretty busy. There was this one waiter who wore a little too much makeup and my cousin mistook him for a her – so don’t make that same mistake. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to my friends and visitors who are looking for a great dining experience in the Apgujeong area.

Low down: Sliced beef with sauce, ribs of beef with sauce, and naengmyun.

Price: $$$
Stars: 5
Address: 657-17 Sinsa-dong
Tel: 02.546.2229

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  1. Coach Tours says: May 11, 2011 at 1:02 amReply

    Wow, those images have made me feel so hungry! Love Seoul Food

  2. alicante says: May 12, 2011 at 1:10 amReply

    pictures have got my stomach rumbling!