Sep 13, 2011

California Sushi in Seoul

Sushi California (스시캘리포니아)

Sushi California

I cannot recall when I started to really enjoy eating sushi and sashimi. It must have been after I graduated and started making some money because good sushi/sashimi does not come cheap. We were looking to grub on something fresh and not too heavy and decided to seek out some sushi in Seoul. We found Sushi California near Gangnam station and decided to get our fix here. I have always been hesitant about eating at sushi restaurants owned and operated by Koreans, but being in Seoul, I really doubt I’ll be able to escape that uncertainty.

Sushi California

Sushi California

This restaurant is located on the #7 exit of the Gangnam area (they have various locations throughout the greater Seoul metropolitan area), and was well kept and cleanly decorated. The restaurant was filled with various patrons, surprisingly mostly women, who I assume were there to get their sushi fix as well. The entrance is located on the upper level and the dining room is fairly large. Unluckily, we had a waiter who appeared to be a new employee. He had to recheck our order 3 times – which I guess was a good thing since he didn’t get it wrong.

Sushi California

We ordered some nigiri sushi – the fish was fresh, and came in great portions. A couple rolls were ordered for us to all share – which were very excellent. Usually I am not a huge fan these types of rolls – but the quality and taste did leave quite an impression on me. We also decided to try one of their entree’s, the Seafood Yakitori-Udon. I noticed that this dish had an impressive ratio of seafood to noodles, and the taste was delicious. Everything we ordered was quickly devoured and we all concluded that the entire meal was definitely an excellent one.

Sushi California

Sushi California

I cannot say with confidence that Sushi California is the best sushi place in town. Actually, I’m pretty sure that it is not. But if you and your friends/loved ones are looking for some good sushi, rolls, or something fresh and light, I would recommend locating a Sushi California restaurant and enjoy the food and the company.

Low down: Nigiri sushi, specialty rolls, and a some seafood yakitori-udon.

Price: $$$
Stars: 4
Address: Gangnam location – Yeoksam-dong 619-3

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