Japanese Sushi in Seoul

Izakaya Ung (이자카야 응)

seoul sushi

I can’t think of any other dish that is at the same time healthy, delicious, light, and satisfying other than sushi (unless you’re pregnant or a vegan of sorts). Although it’s not as plentiful as it is in Japan, or even in the states, sushi in Seoul can be just as good if made correctly. Izakaya Ung, is a great Japanese Izakaya Restaurant that serves up fresh sashimi and sushi along with a variety of other traditional Japanese style izakaya dishes in Seoul’s famous French Village (Seorae Village).

seoul sushi

I had the opportunity to dine here with a friend in the afternoon after their peak hours. Unfortunately the staff was unable/unwilling to serve us anything from their lunch menu, so we had to order from the dinner menu, which was significantly more expensive, even though it was less than an hour past. I believe that the main goal of any restaurant should be to please their patrons as best as they can, and because of this, my entire meal wasn’t as enjoyable.

seoul sushi

Because we were craving some sushi, we ordered their sushi set, which came with a variety of other dishes including some udon noodles, tempera, and mushroom-cream soup. We ordered an additional udon entree so that we could both stuff our faces. The sushi was good, well presented, and was decently sized. The udon was nothing special, but delicious nonetheless. The mushroom soup was light and flavorful and provided an alternative twist to the traditional menu.

seoul sushi

seoul sushi

One thing that left a lasting impression was the ambiance and presentation. The interior of the restaurant was very intricately detailed which provided a pleasant dining experience, and the presentation the food was above and beyond what I expected to be. As I mentioned before, the only qualm I had with my dining experience was with the staff’s unwillingness to accommodate their customers. I understand that this may be their policy, and if that’s the case, the fault was ours. Overall, Izakaya Ung serves good sushi at a premium price. I might visit here again if I cannot find any good, fresh, decently priced sushi anywhere else.

Low down: Sushi set, udon entree, and the fixings that come with it.

Price: $$$$
Rating: 4 stars
Address: Banpo-dong 95-6
Tel: 02.3477.9939

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  1. Hotel em Campos do Jordão says: November 18, 2011 at 3:17 amReply

    Whoa! Sushi! Man!!!! My favourite food in all the universe! Good to know that this piece of heaven is available in Seoul!