A Good Burger in Garosugil

Diner Pub

korean style hamburger

I remember the first time I visited a genuine pub and had a delicious burger. It was a very long time ago; very long time ago. Enjoying a delicious burger, and good beer go hand in hand for me. If you’re in the area, and looking to grub on a good burger in Seoul, this cool joint located in Garosugil serves up some quality burgers of the variety that I like to call “Korean style Hamburgers.”

korean style hamburgers

I have given up looking for foods and restaurants in Seoul that I’ve come to love back in the states, here in Korea. Instead, I’m trying to appreciate the creativity, quality, and ingredients that Korea has to offer. Although you usually don’t expect to find romaine lettuce in your burger, it doesn’t mean that it’s going to taste completely wrong. In fact, Diner’s Pub’s take on hamburgers was and is pretty excellent. Chill, dark atmosphere, located right off Garosugil, and a great place to just shoot the breeze.

korean style hamburger

korean style hamburger

Deep fried spaghetti sticks dipped in sugar is served as a quick munchie to get your saliva glands warmed up. They have a variety of different burger choices, along with other entrees – like pasta, salads, etc. We ordered the french fries sampler – one of the first places I’ve found to have crisp cut fries! I decided to go with the Garlic burger – which comes out with a handful of grilled garlic cloves. My friends ordered the Mushroom, and Bacon burger (~7-9,000 won). Each plate comes with some potato wedges and a delicious chipotle aioli that really complements the flavored patty.

korean style hamburger

Unpictured here, but my drink of choice to go with any meal is Guinness – in fact, just writing this post is making me crave a good burger and some black stuff right now! If you know of some good burger joints, excellent grubbries, or other restaurants in Seoul worth checking out, do send the 411 my way please.

Low down: Fries, Garlic Burger, Guinness – and of course good company.

Price: $$
Stars: 4
Location: 524-17 Sinsa-dong
Tel: 02.3446.2422

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  1. hungryseoul says: April 21, 2012 at 11:43 pmReply

    The price seems reasonable. Thats one of my main issues with Western restaurants in Seoul, the price is way too high. Good review grub and nice find. I’ll be sure to check this out when I’m back in Seoul.

  2. Burger Guy says: June 27, 2012 at 6:49 pmReply

    Looking forward to trying this place out. I visit Korea once a year and one day out of that trip is dedicated to finding a burger. This trip I visited Burger 4.5 and The Joe, both in the Hongkik University area. I recommend both. The Joe is a burger joint with a good, decent sized, quality burger. Though the beef has a different color and texture than the beef in the states, it is decent and tasty. Burger 4.5 also is a good burger run and owned by Jae Young. Its a one man show and he does the job well. The toasted grill marks on the bun shows he really cares about presentation and the taste talks for itself. He has cucumber slices which cools things down and gives a nice crunch. Only thin about both burgers is that its a little salty from the American cheese. Anyway, if you’re in the area, give one of these places a look. And though its not bad, bypass the Burger King on the way.