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  • Raw Sushi in Seoul

    Raw (러)

    Seoul Sushi

    One thing that I am looking forward to is flying out to Japan and seeking out the best sushi and sashimi that won’t cost me an arm and a leg. I am definitely willing to dish out the dinero for some quality sushi. Every once in awhile, I miss the good, quality sushi I use to have access to in Little Tokyo. But I have come to find that there is good sushi in Seoul if you’re ever in the mood. Raw in Gangnam has a variety of rolls, sushi, and other Japanese style dishes for your dining pleasure. Read more

  • Japanese Sushi in Seoul

    Izakaya Ung (이자카야 응)

    seoul sushi

    I can’t think of any other dish that is at the same time healthy, delicious, light, and satisfying other than sushi (unless you’re pregnant or a vegan of sorts). Although it’s not as plentiful as it is in Japan, or even in the states, sushi in Seoul can be just as good if made correctly. Izakaya Ung, is a great Japanese Izakaya Restaurant that serves up fresh sashimi and sushi along with a variety of other traditional Japanese style izakaya dishes in Seoul’s famous French Village (Seorae Village). Read more

  • Curry Restaurant in Seoul

    Coco Curry (코코이찌방야)

    curry in seoul

    I remember when I was a kid, my mom would always have curry on the dinner menu. I naturally thought that curry was a Korean dish, but I was surprised to find out that it, in fact, did not originate in Korea, but in Southeast Asia. I really enjoy eating curry in Seoul; the health benefits are awesome, and the overload of flavors are really delicious. Coco Curry is a Japanese style curry restaurant that has found a strong following in Seoul. Read more

  • Japanese Ramen in Korea

    Hakoya Ramen

    There is a distinct flavor that I particularly like about Japanese Ramen. Something about a pork broth that has been brewing for hours on in always titillates my appetite to get a ramen fix. Hakoya is one place that I decided to visit to try and eliminate that craving. This particular location is off exit 7 from Gangnam Station – one street to the east – and does a good job soliciting that this is a place to get Japanese Ramen in Korea. Read more