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Apr 11, 2012

The Best Mexican Food in Seoul (?)

Vatos Urban Tacos

mexican food in seoul

Whenever people talk about Mexican food, I hope that places like El Pollo Loco, or Taco Bell don’t come to mind. I have yet to experience the best Mexican cuisines in the world, but I feel like I have had the privilege of trying some of the best tacos in the world. With this benchmark, I have become more particular about what a good taco should taste like. Vatos Urban Tacos, in Itaewon, may have the best Mexican food in Seoul. This restaurant in Seoul provides excellent quality in terms of their ingredients, taste, and presentation and serves up an array of “Tacos, Margaritas, and everything in between,”… a Seoulgrub favorite! Continue reading »

Oct 25, 2011

Mexican Food in Seoul

Taco Chili Chili

tacos in seoul

Sometimes it astounds me that even in the center of an Asian country, namely Korea, you can find a diverse mix of ethnic foods. The cultural diversity that can be found in Seoul is nothing short of amazing. Of course it’s far from being completely authentic, but some of the foods that are available are pretty darn good. Taco Chili Chili is one of those places that does Mexican food in Seoul just right. Continue reading »

Oct 8, 2011

Mexican Food in Korea

Dos Tacos

mexican food in seoul

I have been craving some Mexican food these days. Mainly because my friends have been sending me pictures of Mexican food from Los Angeles. Although I can’t find truly authentic Mexican food in Seoul, there are definitely some decent alternatives to be found. One of those places is Dos Tacos – with various locations throughout the city (Gangnam, Apgujeong, Hongdae, and others). Continue reading »

May 11, 2011

Chipotle-Style Mexican Food in Seoul

Tomatillo Grill

tomatillo grill

Cinco de Mayo recently passed, and unless you’re from a certain part of the United States, or Mexico, that date may be irrelevant to you. Not that I’m saying I celebrate this day the same way most Mexican’s do, but I still recognize how important this day is for the Mexican community. And because of Cinco de Mayo, I’ve been seeking out more Mexican food in Seoul. Tomatillo Grill is a Mexican restaurant chain that provides some pretty delicious and fresh “Cali-Mex” grub for the masses. Continue reading »

Feb 20, 2011

Mexican Tacos in Gangnam

Taco Rico

I am a big fan of Mexican food and as long as my stomach can keep up with my appetite, my quest to find delicious Mexican food will never come to an end. When I found this oddly located restaurant in Gangnam, I was full of anticipation and excitement as if I’ve found the holy-grail. I am a realist, and considering the fact that this restaurant in Seoul had a Mexican native as their main cook, I knew it wouldn’t be authentic-authenic Mexican food, but hopeful that it would come close. Continue reading »

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