There are a lot of good Korean restaurants, and some that are not so great. >:(

Here’s a list of some of our favorites (in no particular order):

Dessert Tree

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Apgujeong
dessert tree in apgujeong


Pizzeria D’Buzza

- Rating: 4.5 stars – Location: Hannam-dong
pizza in seoul


Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

- Rating: 5.0 stars – Location: Gangnam
brick oven pizza seoul


Jin Mi Shik Dang (진미식당)

- Rating: 5.0 stars – Location: Gongdeok-dong
crab in seoul


Brooklyn: The Burger Joint

- Rating: 5.0 stars – Location: Banpo-dong (Seorae Village – French Town)
brooklyn the burger joint


Ho Bak Shik Dang (호박식당)

- Rating: 4.5 stars – Location: Hannam-dong
Korean BBQ in Seoul

Fell + Cole (Ice Cream)

- Rating: 4.5 stars – Location: Hongdae


Vatos Urban Tacos

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Itaewon
mexican food in seoul


Hwa Tohng Jip (화통집)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Sin-Chun (Jamsil)


Gangnam Myun Oak (강남면옥)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Apgujeong
korean beef ribs


Sanbong Hwarogui (산봉 화로구이)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Apgujeong
sliced korean beef


Korean BBQ in Shin-Chun (새마을식당)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Jamsil/Shin-Chun
Korean bbq

Pork Steak BBQ (흥부골 돼지갈비)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Sindang-dong
korean pork steak


Steamed Pork Belly (아줌마)

- Rating: 4.5 stars – Location: Gangnam/Yeokssam-dong
korean pork belly


Myeong Dong Gyoza (명동교자)

- Rating: 5 stars – Location: Myeong-dong
noodles in seoul

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