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  • The Best American Food in Seoul!

    Napkin Please (냅킨 플리즈)

    philly cheesesteak seoul

    If I were to open up my own restaurant in Seoul, I know that whatever type of food I decide to serve, I would want it to be as authentic as possible. The ambiance would be subtle, yet fancy and well thought out – attractive in design and functionality. The layout, and location would also be important. But most importantly, the food must be terrific. Napkin Please is a newly opened American restaurants in Seoul that has all of the right elements and components for a superlative dining experience, and has quickly become one of my favorite places to eat. Read more

  • Delicious Dessert in Seoul

    Dessert Tree

    dessert tree in seoul

    If you made me choose between salty and sweet, I think I would have to side with my sweet tooth. I love sugary goodness, and I especially love ice cream. My food connoisseur treated me to this place because she absolutely loves how genuinely and meticulously the desserts are made. If you’re looking for some delicious ice cream in Seoul or exquisite dessert, you have to visit Dessert Tree in Apgujeong. Read more

  • Sandwiches Full of Good Meat


    porchetta sandwiches in itaewon

    I love sandwiches. They are so simple and delicious. I love how each region and country has their own particular style and flavor. There are just some days where you want to enjoy a good delicious sandwich, and whenever I come across those cravings, I have to have my sandwich. Porchetta in Itaewon is a restaurant in Seoul that serves up delicious Italian style sandwiches and does a pretty decent job at it. Read more

  • Best New York Style Pizza in Seoul

    Brick Oven New York Pizzeria

    brick oven pizza seoul

    I love pizza and I think pizza loves me. There’s something about a delicious pie that hits the spot. I know there are dozens of different types of pizzas (New York, Chicago, neapolitan, etc.), and it’s hard to place one style over the other. I know it’s unrealistic to expect great pizza outside of Italy or the states, but there is one restaurant in Seoul, specifically in Gangnam, called Brick Oven Pizza that delivers what may be the best tasting New York Style Pizza in Seoul. Read more

  • A Taste of Sandwiches in Seoul


    buccella seoul sandwich

    I love sandwiches! They have got to be the most simple and fulfilling concoctions ever concocted. As long as you have the right ingredients, you can’t really go wrong with a good sandwich. Buccella is a quaint and cozy deli that has simple offerings. Located in Garosugil, this is a great spot to enjoy if you’re looking for a good sandwiches in Seoul. Read more